The Values of Integrative Medicine at Duke

June 19, 2012

Duke Integrative Medicine director Adam Perlman on this transformational clinical healing and wellness model In the audio interview (link below) with Frank Stacio, host of “The State of Things” at public radio WUNC in Charlotte, Duke Integrative Medicine director Adam Perlman, MD explains the current state, underlying principles for and clinical application of integrative medicine […]

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New NCCAM Blog Moves Closer to Public Experience

June 19, 2012

In the last couple of years, NCCAM has gradually developed its web site to be more responsive to public interest in CAM and integrative medicine. In May it took another step and launched a blog written by director Josephine Briggs, MD. Readers may make comments on each post, which are reviewed before being added. In […]

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IOM President Fineberg on a Sustainable Health System

March 12, 2012

In an article published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine, Harvey V. Fineberg, MD, president of the Institute of Medicine, presented a vision for resolving the pervasive and recalcitrant problems that plague what he “purposefully refers to a ‘health system’ rather than a ‘health care system.’” But he buried his own personal […]

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Dueling Mainstream Media Views on Integrative Medicine

June 27, 2011

Contentious spring blasts by Forbes, The EconomistOffset by careful analysis in Atlantic Monthly. I don’t know what happened earlier this year to draw the attention of the mainstream media to integrative medicine, but the subject has been batted around this spring among Forbes, The Economist — both of which expressed caustic disbelief that integrative medicine […]

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At the Intersection of Wellness and Hospitality

May 31, 2011

Jeremy McCarthy manages the worldwide spas of Starwood Hotels, where he works, as his Twitter bio says “…at the intersection of wellness, positive psychology and hospitality.” He also writes a very insightful personal blog, The Psychology of Wellbeing in which he draws on wide range of current developments in personal health, wellness and healing approaches […]

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Prince of Wales on Earth’s Stressed Food Systems

May 10, 2011

Prince Charles’ keynote at the May 4, 2011 Future of Food conference at Georgetown University is well worth the viewing. Like Al Gore, who spent 25 years educating himself about the earth’s climate, the Price of Wales has spent years immersed in food and sustainability, including 26 years “farming” himself.

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Edible Schoolyards: Coast to Coast

April 28, 2011

iPOINT: Growing scientists in school gardens? For educators, business leaders, and policy makers concerned about the under-performance of US students in science and math, they might be surprised what they find during a walk through a school garden. The garden at the Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, CA is a good place […]

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Manassas Park Elementary, Virginia

March 31, 2011

iPOINT: Learning from the Outside In “We can’t expect our graduates to preserve and protect something they don’t understand.” — Wyck Knox, VMDO; architects for Manassas Park Elementary in northern Virginia.

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Willow School, Gladstone NJ

March 28, 2011

iPOINT: Green as the basis for K-8 hands-on stewardship The “playground” is littered with large branches and logs, arranged by its small caretakers in specific forms among the towering trees that spread their limbs over their activity.  There is no pavement in sight on their play glade.  At The Willow School, it is hard to […]

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Prickly Pear Creek, MT

March 21, 2011

iPOINT: New Water Deals: Re-Watering the Streams In this TEDx Ranier talk from Nov. 2010 Rob Harmon of the Bonneville Environmental Foundation describes how an innovative market mechanism created a way for competitors for water rights — farmers and brewers — to turn around 140 years of intransigence and bring water back to streams long […]

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