March 21, 2011

Integrative Health & Wellness Strategies provides digital media, marketing and technology consulting services for companies and organizations in integrative medicine, prevention and wellness markets. We also provide strategic understanding of this market for those who are evaluating its value and potential.

As with the Internet and Web, consumers have been driving fundamental changes in wellness and healthcare by the rapid adoption of two complementary forces: social media and alternative medicine. Also referred to as complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and Integrative Medicine, these non-conventional, patient-centric approaches are delivering a new evidence-based class of therapeutic and healing tools: acupuncture, yoga therapy, massage therapy, nutrition and exercise, meditation as stress-management. When blended with conventional medicine they create the new realm of integrative health and wellness.

As a result, new intersections of opportunity now present themselves for partnerships, collaborations and entrepreneurial initiatives, as everyone looks for ways to reduce the overwhelming costs of care and to provide a basis for the lifestyle change necessary to re-set and transform personal, industry and community perceptions of health.


Taylor Walsh is a consultant, writer, and digital entrepreneur. In 2007 his work in digital and social media focused on health and wellness-related initiatives that have been important change agents in the transformation of US healthcare. The consumer focus for many of these initiatives means that digital, social and mobile media will be essential enablers as healthcare moves to a primary concentration on wellness and prevention. He has written about trends and developments in the field and consults with organizations in research, clinical services, media and policy.

Taylor is a pioneer of the information-sharing age, having worked online since the formative stages of the online services industry and on through its transitions into today’s global web. In that time he has developed strategies in online community-based service for clients in education, media, business and politics. He was a managing editor at The Source, the pioneering national online services company owned by the Reader’s Digest. He later led a collaboration among local governments, business groups and non-profits in metropolitan Washington DC as executive director of the first regional Internet service, CapAccess, providing net access, email and newsgroups prior to the emergence of the World Wide Web.

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