September 24, 2016

Integrative Health Strategies travels two important, intersecting paths of transformation that are re-shaping US healthcare and the health of Americans:

  • Working with leaders in Integrative Health and Medicine who want to expand the available therapeutic tool kits, engage in collaborations of health creation and expand what is possible for people as patients and for practitioners as providers.
  • Working with innovators engaged outside of the healthcare system to establish the conditions that make health-inducing activities, thinking and choices the usual way of life.

Integrative Health & Medicine

We provide strategic program development and communications approaches for companies and organizations who are bringing integrative health and medicine resources into their systems or who are seriously considering making those investments.

We help healthcare providers, practitioners, community health organizations, patient groups and employers consider the improved care outcomes and reduced costs of care that may be possible when integrative health options are made available to their patients and stakeholders. We help shape the internal and external messaging needed to introduce these changes.

Outside of the healthcare system

The research is clear: 70% of the quality of a person’s health is determined by factors nowhere near their doctor’s office. The life experiences of the last several generations of Americans have left too many citizens coping with multi-faceted chronic illness and pain, and others with little control over the social determinants of their own health. We help communities, employers, public health agencies, and schools devise the means to strengthen the health of their stakeholders in ways that require limited intervention by the healthcare system.

IHS founder and principal Taylor Walsh has been involved in the formative stages of several important industries during his career: major metro area suburban newspaper groups; the first personal computer-based online information industry; the Internet and the Web. In 2008 this focus moved into holistic and alternative medicine: now the rapidly evolving integrative health and medicine wing of healthcare.

Taylor works with clients in the field to develop strategies that further anchor the integrative enterprise into the U.S. healthcare system and into prevention and wellness initiatives. He also works with organizations who are considering investing in integrative health resources and approaches. He is a contributing writer to the Altarum Institute’s Health Policy Forum and occasionally for The Integrator Blog, the primary source of professional, policy, and global news about developments in the field.

Taylor was an Information Age pioneer, or more precisely, an Information-Sharing Age pioneer. Since the formative days of the online industry and through its transitions into the Internet and the Web he has worked to shape the power of digital networks to build communities and to connect people around their common interests, ideas, tasks, and professions.

He was a Managing Editor at Source Telecomputing Corp., the pioneering national online services firm that produced THE SOURCE, owned by the Reader’s Digest. He later led a collaboration of local governments, business groups and non-profits in the metropolitan Washington DC region as Executive Director of the area’s first regional Internet service, CapAccess, which provided free net access, email and newsgroups just prior to the emergence of the World Wide Web. He is a fourth generation resident of Washington, where he regularly rubs his eyes at the sight a major league baseball team in town, after a 33-year hiatus.

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