September 24, 2016

Integrative Health Strategies specializes in bridging the common ground between two intersecting forces of transformation that are re-shaping U.S. health and healthcare:

Advancing Integrative Health and Medicine

We work with leaders in Complementary, Integrative and Functional Medicine whose innovations have been expanding the commonly available therapeutic toolkit to include all licensed therapies, especially those that are still not covered by insurance.
Policy Development and Support
We help address the remaining historic constraints on access to integrative health therapies and professionals — even when they are combined with conventional care to treat chronic conditions such as pain. We develop and present strategies at the federal and state levels to ensure that policy and health insurance regulators have the latest and best information about the outcomes and patient experiences with integrative care. (See the description of CoverMyCare.org on the Portfolio page.)

Telling the Integrative Health Story
By 2017, the value and efficacy of many integrative therapies have become accepted in conventional healthcare settings: notably more than 60 U.S. medical schools, the Mayo and Cleveland clinics, increasing numbers of primary care clinics and the US Army and Veterans Healthcare systems. We help raise the awareness of these achievements and the benefits of collaborative, inter-professional approaches to care and healing. We help take this compelling story into healthcare organizations, patient and health policy organizations and to the media.

Strengthening Health and Wellbeing

The research is clear:
70% of the quality of a person’s health is determined by factors nowhere near their doctor’s office.
The life experiences of the last several generations of Americans have left too many citizens coping with multi-faceted chronic illness and pain, and others with little control over the social determinants of their own health. And our youngest generations remain on these distressing paths. We help communities, employers, public health agencies, and especially schools devise the means to strengthen the health of their stakeholders in ways that get them off these paths and, far better, avoid them in the first place.

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Integrative Health Strategies
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